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An employee benefit plan can be an expensive proposition.  It must provide more than just insurance benefits or an opportunity to save and invest money for retirement.  It must provide tax advantages and, for the business with employees, must be recognized as a valuable benefit by the employees.


The goals a business may have for a benefit plan, such as recruiting and retaining quality employees, help to shape the overall structure and design of the plan.  The employer's goals and objectives must be analyzed, the demographics of the employees reviewed, the costs and benefits compared and analyzed before the plan begins to take shape.


Of course, the entire plan design must also fall with in the parameters spelled out for it.  This includes requirements of the Internal Revenue Code and related regulations and the Department of Labor's guidelines.


A well-designed employee benefit plan can give employees the tools they need to build a financially sound future and help define the business as an employer committed to finding the best people and keeping them over the long term.


As a recuriting tool, your benefits plan can help you to stand out and recruit from among the best of all possible recruits in a given field.  Assisting you in building that plan is what our team of profeesionals stands ready to do - from the first day forward, we are here to assist you and your employees.


You need experienced professionals to help you put the pieces together.  Let J.P. Schlachter & Associates be the team to help you design the right plan for your team!  Please e-mail us for more information at
info@jpsa401k.com., or feel free to telephone us at 513-272-6402.

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